Question: Tiesto plus New Years Eve party equals what? ….. simple Bell Center and Montreal

Celebration is no more. Long live Celebration. The traditional huge-mega-blowout for New Years at the Bell Center held its last edition last year. And if you ask me, that’s a good thing, because too much of the same thing gets boring. It seems that there has been a Celebration every year since I started drinking.

Don’t mourn too much though, cause the break will be very short. In fact, there will be no break at all.

A couple of promotion teams are uniting to take over the Bell Center for the upcoming new years and their take over is huge slap in the face of the entire world. Through the works of some kind of dark magic, the headliner of the first Resolution new years party in Montreal (cause there are many Resolution parties around the world) will be none other than Tiesto.

Tiesto is here. Long live Tiesto.

How the hell did the organisers manage to get Tiesto to headline a New Years Eve party in Montreal? He could’ve done it anywhere in the world, London, Barcelona, Tokyo, New York’ you name it and he’ll fill the largest venue there. But no, he’ll be in our little and cold northern town for this new years. The Bell Center will be more like the World Center for a night to some hard-core Tiesto fans; if there is an electronic music DJ that has a following like rock groups have, that is definitely Tiesto.

Here is a link to a thread announcing Resolution and Tiesto’s appearance in Montreal for the new years.

It’s still not announced on Tiesto’s site though?

On a related topic, I wonder if Sade is going to be playing a NYE show; now that’s going to be more relaxed and give me a chance to get drunk in peace. For once.

Tiesto In Search of Sunrise

Posted by on October 18th, 2006