What do we think of the Montreal Gazette’s new look?

It stinks. This is what we think of it.

Ok, on a serious note, I don’t like it: it looks like a blog, not like a newspaper. And that’s a sad thing. If I want to read blogs, I will open this webpage. If I want to read a newspaper, I might have opened the Gazette. But no more. It now looks like a cheap and dirty quick blog.

The content quality in there has been nose diving for years. Now the look has followed, and the Montreal Gazette has fully assumed what it is: a printed version of a bad website.

Sad day for the 4th estate.

And the Gazette is not the only one guilty of this downfall. La Presse did the exact same not too long ago. Last year it already adopted a new (and lame) look as well.

Posted by on November 2nd, 2014

The magic of the Mile-End

Everyone has different favourite places in Montreal, but a lot of people agree that the Mile-End is a neighbourhood that has a lot of such “favourite” places. Personally, it’s been years that I enjoy this eclectic neighbourhood. And I hope it remains eclectic. I hope it doesn’t clean-up its act too much (and that is happening right now way too much), I hope the mix of old and new is maintained. If you’re like me, then you’ll enjoy this list of old-timers that are still inhabiting the Mile-End.

With its mix of culture, mix of old spaces, warehouses and old factories, the Mile-End is still an amazing neighbourhood for artists to establish themselves in.

Please, just don’t tell me that the Mile-ex is the new hot spot :)

Posted by on December 8th, 2013

Halloween around the corner

Next week-end, the city of Montreal will again be full of ghosts and ghouls. Actually, even this past week-end, on a Sunday night of all nights, I saw a person dressed up as pimp going to a party (he was definitely not a real pimp, but was dressed-up).

I know we all love Halloween, but the partying seems like it is starting earlier and earlier. I guess everyone has a need to dress-up.

I decided to do some web-search on what is happening around town for Halloween, and surprisingly, Voir doesn’t have anything on that. I checked-out Vice, they usually have something provocative, but no, nothing there yet.

Only ViceMTL has something, and it’s all just pictures: the yearly Zombie Walk (talk about a weird cause to walk for), and a Burlesque show (I let you find that one).

That means, I am not quite sure what to expect from the upcoming ghastly week-end.

Hopefully only good things (and better than what happened at Carrie’s prom)

Posted by on October 21st, 2013

Bonobo back again in Montreal, 15 October 2013

In just a few days, Bonobo is back in Montreal for a 2nd time this year, to do a live show. You can buy tickets here, if it not already sold-out (most probably is). We wrote about Bonobo two years ago, with links to some of his best songs on youtube. You can also read about his last show in Montreal on CultMtl.com.

Posted by on October 6th, 2013

No more Montreal Mirror to copy

We used to have the good old habit of linking to the Montreal Mirror’s yearly NYE party guide: a nice long article published every December by the Montreal Mirror, a free cultural weekly newspaper.

Well that will no longer be the case, as the Montreal Mirror is no more. Correct, the over 25 year old newspaper is no longer published. There is no more English language free cultural newspaper in Montreal. If you ask me, that’s a good business opportunity right there, a now untapped market.

Fortunately, a large chunk of the Mirror’s former staff has united and are back with a vengeance online, now publishing a website titled CultMontreal.com.

A cover page that will be missed.

A cover page that will not be missed.

Posted by on October 30th, 2012

Lots to do this week-end in Montreal

This coming week-end (8th to 10th of July) will be a really busy one in Montreal.

First, we have the Beer Fest going on at the Windsor Station downtown. It’s the place for discovering new beers (like the Green Goblin) and trying out new sausages.

And second, we have the F1 Grand Prix hosted by Montreal. As usual, half of downtown will be closed off to traffic (a bit ironic, don’t you think, to stop traffic downtown because of a car race !) Crescent, Peel and St-Laurent will be closed, and filled with fun street activities.

So enjoy this amazing summer week-end.

Posted by on June 7th, 2012

What to do in the cold months of 2012?

Now that the new years celebrations are well behind us, and now that we’re well into the cold Montreal winter months, how is one to keep going strong?

Nothing easier, just read this appropriately titled article 2012 is here. Now what? .

The basic premise is: go out, go to the different parties, festivals and events that are happening in Montreal during the winter.

Ok, it might be too late for the Igloofest, which just concluded last week-end. But there is still the “Nuit Blanche” to come, and in Quebec city, the Winter Carnival is in full swing.

There is also some (little) snow on the ground, so don’t hesitate to strap-on your skis or snowboard, and head to the many hills surrounding Montreal.

Photo credit: iLuv2Bthe4N1

Posted by on February 2nd, 2012

The New Years guide, as per the Montreal Mirror

As it is now my long-lasting tradition, I let the “real media” do all the hard work, and just link to it from our blog.

And here we go again, for NYE 2012 celebrations, the Mirror has compiled all the big nightclub events, a listing of bars and clubs where you can drink the year away, and finally a listing of live music and other performances happening on the 31st of December 2011.

All these listings and otherwise useful information was collected by paid professional journalists, so that all I have to do is link to (as done above).

Obviously, as shameless promotion, I want to remind everyone that you can buy tickets for some of the events listed by the Mirror on our very own NYE events listings section, where yo can shop for NYE tickets online at ClubZone.com.

Posted by on December 22nd, 2011

Are we left on our own for Christmas?

Contrarily to the crazy consumer that you are, I personally haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet.

Still, I need to buy a minimum number of things. Not for me, for other. You see, knowing how knowledgeable I am in all things cool in Montreal, other people mandate me to purchase their gifts, and then go on vacation while I am left slaving-off in Montreal.

The sad reality is, I have no idea where to begin. I did a quick search in all the “real media” out there, and there is nothing. We’ve been left on our own.

Last year, we just published a link to the Montreal Mirror’s Christmas shopping guide. This year we have nothing to link to yet. Come-on “real media”! Get cranking. So we can link and re-link and blog, re-blog and re-tweet it all.

Until then, I came upon this amazingly interesting blog about Montreal’s sewer and underground: UnderMontreal. If Andrew Emond, the author of UnderMontreal, publishes a book about his explorations of Montreal’s underbelly, it would be a crazy amazing Christmas gift.

Another idea, how about a Cesária Évora CD? She was a great voice in a see of bland commercialism (wow, that is deep, but seriously, she was amazing).

A surreal scene from UnderMontreal

Posted by on December 19th, 2011

Bonobo at Le Belmont tonight.

It’s because of events like those that you need to read newspapers like the Mirror regularly. I just learned, a few minutes ago, that British musician Bonobo will be DJing live at Le Belmont tonight (on 4483 Saint-Laurent).

Actually, even reading the Mirror might not have been enough, considering that the show is already sold-out. The question that we need to answer then is: how the hell did all these people that bought tickets know about the concert? Is there some-kind of secret Bonobo concert email list that I am not aware of? Or maybe people “follow” Bonobo on facebook? (that sounds lame actually, I don’t even want to follow myself on facebook).

Regardless of the question of why I only learned today about the concert happening tonight, Bonobo is a great artists, if you like chill electronic music that is. If you have the chance to score tickets somehow, and you want to spend the night grooving, then Bonobo will deliver just that.

For those who don’t know Bonobo, here is the classical track that made me discover him. Now that’s some dope sounds:

Some more from Bonobo:

And finally another great classic form Bonobo:

Posted by on December 9th, 2011